You are still using a thermos, not enough tide.

The kettle is one of the people’s standing tools, whether you are a sportsman or an environmentalist like me. We usually see Thermos, but there are many similar products abroad.

Thermos, co-founded in 1904 by Reinhold Büger and Albert Achenbrenner in Germany

It was a good time for the thermos to start this topic. As early as 1978, the thermos produced the first vacuum stainless steel insulated kettle. In the same year, the thermos became synonymous with technology products. The bottle in the picture can theoretically hold 18 ounces (about 0.53 liters) of hot and cold liquid. The bottle mouth is equipped with a safety button, so that you can easily use it under any circumstances. Consumers like the thermos’ no-sip design. If you want to clean it, throw it into the dishwasher.


Stanley, founded by William Stanley in the United States

In 1913, when William Stanley invented the all-steel vacuum kettle, since then, consumers have regarded Stanley as a brand of thermos that is known for its robustness and reliability. Although the 25-ounce (about 0.74 liter) kettle has a sleek look, it inherits the classic style of Stanley’s centuries-old history. The body is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which ensures a heat preservation effect of up to 36 hours. The lid and bottle are connected. If you are not good enough, the product lifetime warranty should be fine (the domestic only has a 5-year warranty).


Takeya was founded in 1952 by Fujiwara Fuji in Japan. In 2009, John Lawn established Takeya branch in the United States.

Double-layer, leak-proof, BPA-free, lifetime maintenance, it is difficult to find products that combine these advantages in the market, but Takeya is an exception. Polished 18/8 stainless steel cup with a capacity of 24 ounces (approximately 0.7 liters). The lid made of hard plastic contains a spout and a handle. Unscrew the lid and the size of the pot is enough to put in the ice. Takeya can keep the ice water in the pot for at least 24 hours; if you don’t drink coffee, you can kill the star, Takeya can guarantee your coffee for 12 hours.

Hydro Flask

Hydro-flask was founded in 2009 in Bend, Oregon, USA

Hydro Flask sale has earned a great reputation in a short period of time with high quality vacuum stainless steel vacuum flasks. Similar to other brands of kettles, this blue kettle keeps hot water for 6 hours and cold water for at least 24 hours. In addition, this 20 ounce (about 0.59 liter) kettle has a number of A wide range of color combinations are available for you to choose from.