Which brand of outdoor sports insulation cup is best?

Because everyone is working at ordinary times, the pressure is very high, and the body can’t get effective exercise. Now people are willing to participate in outdoor sports, in order to relieve stress and open up their horizons. At the same time, they can exercise their body and participate in outdoor sports. To prepare for the work, some essential items are indispensable, such as a heat preservation cup, and the selection of the heat preservation cup is also learned. Which brand of outdoor sports insulation cup is best? Let Xiaobian popularize it for everyone.

At present, there are many types of vacuum flasks on the market, and the price difference is also very large. For some consumers, they do not understand the principle and often spend a lot of money to buy products that are satisfactory. How can I buy a high-quality vacuum flask? I think the easiest way is to look for a well-known brand. After all, for the brand goods, it is still a penny, like the thermos THERMOS Tiger Tiger Sibao SIBAO, like Inhals, is the excerpt of the 2010 Top 10 Mug Cup brands that buy brand portals. I think it can reflect the recognition and support of everyone. These brands are familiar brands. The quality is definitely more secure.

Travel insulation pots should consider weight, volume, and firmness. Generally there are all stainless steel insulated kettles, military dual-use kettles (with kettle inside, outside is a container for boiling water), FRP drinking water bottles (space cups), ordinary glass galley kettles, plastic water bottles, space cups, sheepskin kettles, etc.

Currently there are several competitive brands on the market:

  1. Thermographer THERMOS (brand in Germany in 1904, the leading brand of professional high vacuum stainless steel thermos);
  2. Tiger Tiger (professional stainless steel vacuum flask, top ten thermos cup (bottle / pot), 1923 Japan);
  3. Sibao SIBAO (one of the earliest stainless steel magnetized cup enterprises, the top ten mug brands, Guangdong famous brand);
  4. Xiangyin (1918 Japanese thermos leading brand, top ten insulation cup (bottle / pot) brand);
  5. Cheap Hydro Flask (famous brand in North America, essential equipment for outdoor sports);