When the camp hits the festival, the number one player’s combat guide

Whether you are an old driver who has participated in countless music festivals, or a rookie who has experienced it for the first time, the legend about the festival is estimated to have heard a lot:

Clothes must wear the strangest

Eat and drink to bring the most hunger

Traffic is eating and diving

The thief also disguised as a fan

And “hands-on” is the world’s problem


Sounds like preparing to participate in a wilderness for a living,

Can’t help but remind people of the quilt couple at the Woodstock Festival.

Music festival

a tent suitable for camping

At the festival, camping is the coolest choice. What is the difference between a music festival without a tent and a concert? The tents are roughly divided into alpine and leisure travel. The alpine type is prepared for mountaineering adventures, while the general picnic outing is enough for the travel type, as is the festival.

As for the style, it is suitable for the scene of the festival. It is most suitable for triangular and dome-shaped tents. The shape of the bottom of the boat can also be considered. These two are the most common tent styles. Like other hexagons and ridges, there are more in the wild for hiking or self-driving adventures.

The demand for music festivals is relatively simple, so choose the tents as long as you pay attention to the two indicators of size and portability according to the number of people. The style can be directly selected from the most common triangle, dome or bottom shape.

In addition, some music festivals don’t allow umbrellas, so you can choose to bring raincoats and rain boots. The outdoor rain boots from Japan Wild Birds Club are the most rain boots in Fuji Rock. They are light, friendly, and suitable for both men and women. And wear it casually, the price is about 5,000 yen.

Replenish moisture at any time

Recommended products: The food and drinks sold in the music festival venue are very expensive, but generally there will be free water supply points, you can choose to bring your own cup to receive water. If the site is far away from the water point, you can also choose to store water. A cheap large-capacity collapsible bucket “KONKY Folding Water Bucket” and a quality mug “cheap Hydro flask” are the best combination.

Recommended products: AQUAPAC waterproof drying bag

Recommended reason: The most beautiful is not rainy days. It was once raining with you to watch the rock music festival. Once the music festival is taken care of by the rain god, don’t let the inside and outside of the tent be wet and dirty. Aquapac, a high-tech brand from the UK. This waterproof and dry bag is very professional, ensuring that your wet and dry items are isolated. It is the best solution for storing clothes in tents and will come in handy for any outdoor activities in the future.