What summer products are popular in the Lake District of the US West?

From sleeping bags to GoPro sports cameras, the 2017 Summer Equipment Guide covers a wide range of outdoor products. Let’s take a look at what outdoor products are popular in the Lake Tahoe region of the United States this summer (in the eastern United States).

1, Kelty awning

Summer sunshine in the Lake Tahoe region of the United States is strong. A good awning is the easiest way to protect yourself and your family from heat. Kelty’s newly designed awning is very light and can be brought to the beach without much effort.

2, TAHOE stand paddle board

The vertical surfboard was initially a cumbersome rubber block. In recent years, they have been improved into surf equipment with good performance. They are easy to pack, carry and still inflatable. Many of the best paddle surfing locations in the Lake Tahoe area make the stylish, inflatable Tahoe SUP a great choice.

3, Cheap hydro flask thermos

Breweries in the Lake Tahoe area have sprung up, so you need a quality kettle to hold your favorite beer. Hydro Flask is known for its stylish kettles and coffee cups, but the company also has a full range of products specializing in beer and spirits.

4, Redington Topo combination fishing rod

Lake Tahoe is surrounded by streams and small lakes, some of which are the best in the world. Redington makes fly fishing more easy. Its rod and reel combination allows you to cope with all big fish.

5, SPEEDO snorkeling suit

The underwater world of Lake Tahoe is waiting to be explored. From the sunken barge to the freshwater crayfish, there is a lot of water-immersed things under the lake. If you don’t have a wetsuit, you may have to wait until July or August when the water temperature rises.

6, CHACO sandals

Summer Lake Tahoe is a sandal paradise, and people need a pair of strong flip-flops to adapt to the walking on the granite. Chaco is known for its durable sandals.

7, RUFFWEAR dog bag

Ruffwear’s Commuter is currently the most fashionable pet product on the market. Commuter will make your dog look even more cool. Moreover, it has enough pockets to hold food and pet toys.

8, VOLCOM LIDO beach pants

Beach pants are almost the official uniform of summer in Lake Tahoe. The quality of Volcom’s latest products is as good as any product. These elastic pants are made from fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.

9, TAHOE FALLENLEAF wooden sunglasses

The company in the Lake Tahoe region has developed a range of products that are produced using renewable resources. Fallen Leaf’s sunglasses combine bamboo frames with polarized lenses. The most colorful part of this sunglasses is floating on the water.