These walking rivers and lakes backpacks contain a “small refrigerator”

Whether it’s camping or a simple urban picnic, a suitable outdoor incubator can help you keep your ingredients and drinks fresh. The outdoor incubator to be recommended in this period looks like a regular backpack, but it is a low-temperature preservation artifact that can provide enough time, freeing hands, portable and practical.

▶ Yeti Hopti Backflip 24

Yeti has always been wrong. One of the best all-rounders, this latest refrigerated backpack has a clean look, a classic blue zip and a grey outer shell. The seemingly low-profile shell resists mold, blocks UV rays, and prevents sharp objects from puncturing. The lining is made of FDA-approved food grade materials.

The ergonomic shoulder strap design makes it extremely comfortable to carry, and the back pad effectively supports the weight of the shoulder; it also includes a detachable chest strap and belt for added stability and safety.

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Square, minimalist, serious like a computer commuter bag, only 3 pounds light, and the slender box can be loaded with higher items. The cold-retaining effect is achieved by the material added at the bottom, 22 litres of space filled with 24 cans of beverage and kept cool for up to 48 hours.

There is a flexible mesh pocket on one side and a waterproof slot on the other side. There is space on the top cover that can be flipped for easy use. Four colors are available.