These high-value intimate mugs, people who play outdoors!


The mug suddenly became

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It was just a bridge where middle-aged uncles drank water.

Very common in life

Why did it suddenly start to fire?

There are also many netizens who refute that the Iron Man of that year could not hold a thermos cup and drink tea. Is the vacuum flask a patent for middle-aged people?

Obviously not. Look at the entertainment circle, whether it is a goddess, a male god or a small fresh meat, you can have a vacuum flask. Before the “Dunkirk” came to Beijing to promote the Nolan god. After 60, Faye Wong, 70-year-old Eason Chan, 80-year-old Lin Yichen, until 90 years after Luhan… Foreign countries have countless stars of the mug street shots – Julia Roberts, Robert Downey Jr., etc.

Having said that, the thermos cup has always been considered the standard of the middle-aged and the elderly is mainly its cheesy appearance, the dim tone is like this, but now the appearance of the thermos cup is more and more fashionable and the function is more and more unique for the student party and office workers. It is a must-have item for class work for the outdoor sportsmen! A cold cup of hot water will make your body more comfortable and energy-consuming. A cup of hot cocoa and hot coffee can also provide you with energy supplements. Today, I will introduce you to several cups with extremely high values and functions. Give you the best companionship on an outdoor trip, so that you will fall in love with the “insulation cup”.

Klean Kanteen Tumbler KK food grade cold insulation mug stainless steel cup

Simple and stylish design, matte feel

Klean Kanteen is a professional outdoor kettle manufacturer in the United States. Its home insulation cup is made of 100% food grade stainless steel and does not contain toxic substances such as bisphenol A. Like some inferior thermos cups, harmful substances such as heavy metals and BPA will be dissolved, which is extremely bad for health!

This stainless steel material is not only safe, no smell, but also has high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight and so on, so you can drink water with confidence.

Klean Kanteen’s most customers consider that the cup is easy to clean and the design of the large cup can be cleaned in time. No matter how many times you use it, you can keep the fresh taste of the drink without leaving a taste! Double-layer vacuum insulation for longer holding time.

The United States Hydro Flask sale Mouth with Flex vacuum stainless steel vacuum flask does not contain BPA matte portable, more slip-resistant, firm and portable belt outdoors;

Made of food grade stainless steel, no odor, no bacteria;

There are three more colors to choose from. Both summer cold drinks and winter hot tea mugs are very important equipment outdoors;

The quality of the vacuum flask is also directly related to everyone’s health. The cup recommended for everyone today is not only convenient to carry, but also high in value. More importantly, the material safety makes you drink with confidence.