The full list of the German iF Gold Awards was announced in 2019. Which outstanding designs make people shine.

Guide: The winners of the German iF Design Awards in 2019 were officially announced. Among them, LG OLED (E9) TV, Sonos Beam Smart Bar Speaker, Samsung VL Series VL5 & VL3 Wireless Speakers are among the many entries in their works. Stand out and win the “Gold Award”.

March 22nd News The iF Design Award (“iF”) was founded in 1953. This year is the 66th year of the German iF Design Award. Recently, the winners of the German iF Design Awards in 2019 were officially announced.

It is reported that there are 52 countries submitting works, a total of 6375 works, only 65 won the gold award, including LG OLED (E9) TV, Sonos Beam smart sound bar, Samsung VL series VL5 & VL3 wireless speakers With its own impressive strength, the work stands out among the many entries, and likes the “Gold Award”.

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The LG OLED E9 comes from LG Electronics (Korea) design company. It uses a floating screen design to remove any elements outside the screen. The cable is not visible from the front, as if it were suspended in the air. In fact, there is a glass base and a stealth bracket.

Sonos Beam Smart Sound Bar

The Sonos Beam Smart Sound Bar is a new smart speaker from Sonos, Inc (USA) design company that can be controlled by voice control or app. It is designed with simple and smooth language, small and exquisite, and the sound can fill the room. The hearing experience is excellent.

Samsung VL Series VL5 & VL3 Wireless Speaker

The Samsung VL Series VL5 & VL3 Wireless Speakers are from Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd. (Korea) design company, the design perfectly interprets the minimalist design style, the length is about two feet, the color is silver / black optional, not only can be connected to Wi-Fi, but also can be controlled by SmartThings application.

The full list of the German iF Gold Awards in 2019 is as follows:

Midea Superior Series Cooker

Cila Go series study chair

Kyocera KY-01L card phone

Hydro Flask Multi-Function Drink Cup

Ferrari Monza SP1 sports car

Ujet electric scooter

Beside portable air conditioner


LUMI 2.0 new generation computer

Luminaire Innov-is XP1 seaming machine

Leg&Go 8in1 Deformable Balance Bike

Vitodens 300 gas water heater

Signia Styletto Hearing Aid

Rainfinity Produktfamilie shower system

Urban Iki children’s bicycle seat

Nest Thermostat E Thermostat

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones

Miele G7965 ScVi dishwasher

HP Spectre Folio laptop

Salt & Pepper portable light

IONITY electric vehicle charging station

SIMOTICS S1FK2 servo motor

Miele MasterCool series combination refrigerator

Sony CL-N810 LED Portable Light

Sony aibo robot dog

SCHOTT CERAN EXCITE? Glass-ceramic cooktop

Hettich ComfortSpin Carousel

HEWI System 900 Health System

ZEISS ZEISS ZX1 digital camera

Balanced kitchen knife set

Thin film solar energy Hanwa

Assem series bathtub and sink

Integrated solar reel charger

CineAlta VENICE (MPC-3610) Digital Cinema Camera

Ouchi Mito largo curved lamp

FUJIFILM CALNEO Xair portable X-ray system

VariJET 106 printing press

Two double action door handle

Dongguanguan farmers returning houses

West Side Terrace Apartment

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Media Accommodation

Volvo Concept Loader ZEUX

MAN CitE Concept City Logistics Distribution Truck

BMW Vision iNEXT concept car

AP 360 Concept Electrical Installation System

Le Beck’s beer packaging design

Cheong Kwang Jang Alpha Project Health Food Packaging

BenQ projector pulp molded packaging

Scars of Democracy website design

Art4GlobalGoals website design

Opera Touch Mobile Browser App

Chemical Periodic Table of Contents

Tianshui (Tian shui) brand image design

Liyuan Theater Brand Image Design

“Open eyes” poster design

Samsung – inspired by you” interactive multimedia device

“Experience New Energy” exhibition Technology Experience Museum

“McCarlan User Experience” exhibition

Endoscopy department transformation

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