The design of the cheap hydro flask is amazing.

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup by Hydro Flask

Summer is coming, which means that the season of drinking iced drinks is coming soon. After all, some drinks are not as good as ice in the state of normal temperature or warmth. Especially when going to outdoor activities, it is very difficult to have a cold drink.

The cheap Hydro Flask Cooling Cup is a great solution, the winner of the 2018 iF Gold Award, designed to keep iced drinks cold.

It is a versatile vial holder for bottles that keep drinks for longer periods of time. The silicone sleeve allows the user to attach and securely place the beverage can or bottle into the cooling cup to keep the beverage fresh and cool.

The Hydro Flask Cooler Cup is made of recycled stainless steel and has a proprietary structure that isolates the liquid placed in it. In fact, in addition to using it as a bottle or can holder, you can also pour the beverage directly into it and use the Cooler Cup directly as a glass.