Homemade winter refreshing red coffee, this American coffee mug can not be less

Homemade winter refreshing red coffee, this American coffee mug can not be less ~

Who is it, every morning, I have to come for a cup of coffee to start work? Who is it, and it’s an afternoon for a weekend at the cafe? Who is it, which street has a new cafe that tastes good, which cafe’s signboard and hidden menu? Are you a few treasures?

However, the winter is so cold, love coffee to such a hard-to-break you, instead of chilling and queuing to buy coffee, it is better to experience making a cup of coffee at home. Many people may think that making coffee is a very troublesome and professional thing, but it is not. As long as there are some simple hand tools and raw materials, and then master some small skills, basically play and play. The professional barista is at the level of the hand, and a small corner of the house can instantly turn into a petty bourgeoisie~

Let’s introduce a few net red coffees that are refreshing in the winter, and you can easily DIY at home~

[Oreo Milk Coffee]: Sweet milk coffee that little fairy loves~

First lay a layer of Oreo crumbs on the bottom of the cup, then directly put the ready-made coffee powder into the filter bag hanging on the cup and manually brew a cup of hot coffee. Remove the filter bag and pour hot milk. The ratio of milk to coffee is almost 1:1. Then sip a good whipped cream and add a piece of Oreo decoration. Good to drink and look good, just a shot is ins style ~

[Rose Latte]: Coffee full of love and romance~

16 grams of coffee beans are ground, 30 ml of coffee liquid is extracted, and 300 g of whole milk is heated and sent to 65 ° C. Why is it 65 ° C? Because the milk temperature of 65 ° C can not only perfectly reflect the sweetness of milk, but also the comfortable entrance. Then you can slowly pour the hot milk into the coffee, let them slowly blend, and finally sprinkle some rose petals. The fine milk foam and the fragrant coffee, the entrance is simply satisfied, and what is trapped is completely absent!

However, these net red coffee has a special feature, that is, it must be hot! The flavor of the cold coffee will be lost, and the taste will be greatly reduced. But it can’t be too hot, and the unique sourness of coffee over 65 degrees can’t be tasted. Therefore, to grasp the best drinking temperature in order to enjoy the best taste, in this regard, this American cheap hydro flask coffee mug is absolutely professional!

blue cheap hydro flask cups

The water outlet design, the entrance is gentle and comfortable, no hot mouth, the acidity and aroma of the coffee itself can also be maximized;

It also has a professional-grade seal design that permanently locks the unique flavors of the coffee, retains the mellow taste of the coffee, and is not easy to smell. Don’t worry about drinking a coffee, the taste is full of room;

It is also the high value of the appearance of C. Oh, the pearly paint cup body, full of color, is the fashion and simple style of ins popular, and can sip a little mouth, savor, feel great!

cheap hydro flask sale

Instagram has exploded again, this time it turned out to be cheap hydro flask

When the holiday is idle, the plaything has regained the hobby of the past and brushed Instagram.

While sighing, how can there be so many exquisite and beautiful things in the world, they are simply shining and shining under the match of ins major bloggers, which stimulates my nerves.

Brushing and brushing, I noticed that several fashion bloggers and buyers who were concerned about it all ate the same warm cup.

It is important to know that the bloggers on these Ins have always been in the market, and they use it, and the market is in full swing.

So I decided to take a good look at this pendulum weapon – the cheap hydro flask.

The appearance of this mug is so high, is it because they love to drink hot water? ……of course not.

Most of the girls are visual animals. You are willing to hold the cup in your hand and take photos and shoot it out, of course because of its high value.

Taking a photo of a kettle, it is called an old cadre.

However, in addition to the good looks of the hydro flask mug, the quality is nothing to say.

The cup is made of food grade stainless steel, does not contain BPA and LEAD, is lead-free, non-toxic, easy to clean and corrosion resistant.

The three-layer insulation plus vacuum closure enhances the cup’s insulation/ice protection. It has 12 hours of warmth and 25 hours of cold preservation to meet your different drinking temperature requirements.

In terms of design, the hydro flask mug also took a lot of care. It is different from the mainstream cylindrical cup type on the market, but it is deliberately cut out on both sides, easy to grasp and not slip.

The most touching thing is that its price/performance ratio is really high. In the past, you didn’t want to go out with a thermos cup, maybe it was because you haven’t met it yet.

This time I finally met my favorite cup.

The design of the cheap hydro flask is amazing.

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup by Hydro Flask

Summer is coming, which means that the season of drinking iced drinks is coming soon. After all, some drinks are not as good as ice in the state of normal temperature or warmth. Especially when going to outdoor activities, it is very difficult to have a cold drink.

The cheap Hydro Flask Cooling Cup is a great solution, the winner of the 2018 iF Gold Award, designed to keep iced drinks cold.

It is a versatile vial holder for bottles that keep drinks for longer periods of time. The silicone sleeve allows the user to attach and securely place the beverage can or bottle into the cooling cup to keep the beverage fresh and cool.

The Hydro Flask Cooler Cup is made of recycled stainless steel and has a proprietary structure that isolates the liquid placed in it. In fact, in addition to using it as a bottle or can holder, you can also pour the beverage directly into it and use the Cooler Cup directly as a glass.

When the camp hits the festival, the number one player’s combat guide

Whether you are an old driver who has participated in countless music festivals, or a rookie who has experienced it for the first time, the legend about the festival is estimated to have heard a lot:

Clothes must wear the strangest

Eat and drink to bring the most hunger

Traffic is eating and diving

The thief also disguised as a fan

And “hands-on” is the world’s problem


Sounds like preparing to participate in a wilderness for a living,

Can’t help but remind people of the quilt couple at the Woodstock Festival.

Music festival

a tent suitable for camping

At the festival, camping is the coolest choice. What is the difference between a music festival without a tent and a concert? The tents are roughly divided into alpine and leisure travel. The alpine type is prepared for mountaineering adventures, while the general picnic outing is enough for the travel type, as is the festival.

As for the style, it is suitable for the scene of the festival. It is most suitable for triangular and dome-shaped tents. The shape of the bottom of the boat can also be considered. These two are the most common tent styles. Like other hexagons and ridges, there are more in the wild for hiking or self-driving adventures.

The demand for music festivals is relatively simple, so choose the tents as long as you pay attention to the two indicators of size and portability according to the number of people. The style can be directly selected from the most common triangle, dome or bottom shape.

In addition, some music festivals don’t allow umbrellas, so you can choose to bring raincoats and rain boots. The outdoor rain boots from Japan Wild Birds Club are the most rain boots in Fuji Rock. They are light, friendly, and suitable for both men and women. And wear it casually, the price is about 5,000 yen.

Replenish moisture at any time

Recommended products: The food and drinks sold in the music festival venue are very expensive, but generally there will be free water supply points, you can choose to bring your own cup to receive water. If the site is far away from the water point, you can also choose to store water. A cheap large-capacity collapsible bucket “KONKY Folding Water Bucket” and a quality mug “cheap Hydro flask” are the best combination.

Recommended products: AQUAPAC waterproof drying bag

Recommended reason: The most beautiful is not rainy days. It was once raining with you to watch the rock music festival. Once the music festival is taken care of by the rain god, don’t let the inside and outside of the tent be wet and dirty. Aquapac, a high-tech brand from the UK. This waterproof and dry bag is very professional, ensuring that your wet and dry items are isolated. It is the best solution for storing clothes in tents and will come in handy for any outdoor activities in the future.

Thousands of reviews, 4 stars + ratings,Who is the leader?

The so-called classic product, it should be able to continue to sell well after the baptism of time, and gain a good reputation. Choosing such products, the seller found a “safety card”. In order to help sellers find more “good cards”, the following inventory of 21 consecutive best-selling products on Amazon, they have received thousands of comments, the average rating is more than 4 stars, and most of them have received the Amazon’s Choice logo. Let’s take a look!

15, cheap Hydro Flask mug

  • Get 4131 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars

Made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic and food grade stainless steel, this product is double-wall vacuum insulated for effective insulation and cold preservation. The lid also features a unique straw cap design that is convenient and durable.

16, Noxema eyebrow shaping knife

  • Get 1070 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars

In addition to being suitable for finishing eyebrows, the product can also be used to remove hair from sensitive areas such as the upper lip or chin. The knife edge is sharp and gentle.

17, Amco stainless steel deodorant soap

  • Get 1,660 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars

This product can effectively remove any odor such as garlic, onion or surimi. Users only need to rinse while rubbing to remove any odor.

18, Blue Lizard sunscreen

  • Get 1015 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars

The product is made from natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and can be used with sensitive skin. It is free of p-hydroxybenzate, chemical ingredients and fragrances and is resistant to UVA and UVB. The outer bottle turns blue under harmful light and reminds the user when it is needed. The bluer the bottle, the more users need it.

Recommended winter sports for outdoor sports adventurers. There is always one for you.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headset

Christmas is approaching, the weather is getting cold, and the US media has recommended several good options for adventurers who like outdoor sports:

1, Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headset ($350)

This headset has powerful noise cancellation technology. It reduces ambient noise and has almost no buzz. Wearing it will make you feel like you are in an empty corner of a quiet woods. It can perfectly play the crisp and full sound like a high-end mobile phone. It can be connected to a mobile phone wirelessly, or it can be viewed on a plane with an audio cable. Its battery life is at least 20 hours, and the high quality material ensures comfortable wearing.

2, Beastmaker 1000 hanging finger board (price 170 US dollars)

On particularly cold days, indoor strength training may be more beneficial to runners. This wooden suspended fingerboard has at least a dozen differently sized grooves for fingers, as well as two-finger and multi-finger. At home, you can also experience the fun of rock climbing, while also preparing for the real mountaineering activities after the spring.

  1. One-year membership of Ducks Unlimited (DU) magazine ($35)

This is a magazine founded in 1937 by the US non-profit organization 501(c), which focuses on the conservation of wetlands and the harmonious coexistence of related terrestrial waterfowl, other wildlife and humans. As of January 2016, the magazine has about 700,000 members. Through this magazine, you can learn more about the field.

4, Lulu Lemon Fly Away Tamer Headband II headband ($12)

This headband protects your ears from frostbite during winter or cycling, and the ultra-thin features are perfect for any bicycle helmet.

5, Spotify subscription service (price $ 10 / month)

No music running is hard to bear? And you always buy gifts at the last minute? The online streaming music player platform from Sweden is perfect for you. Download the latest songs to your phone and use them offline in the car or even in the mountains. Of course there are free, but paid users will advertise. It is most appropriate to give gifts to people who want to listen to new songs anytime, anywhere.

6, Maxtrax MK II tire pad (priced at $ 300)

Driving in the snow will inevitably slip – even the all-wheel drive Subaru. If you fall into the snow and can’t move, take a set of 2 such tire pads under the front or rear wheels. When the tires are embossed with the pads, you can easily “self-help.” This type of pad is suitable for almost all wild environments: mud, snow, sand, and even can be placed in the water trailer wheel down the tug. There are also a variety of colors to fit the terrain.

7, Hydro Flask 12 ounce (about 350ml) wide mouth thermos (price $ 22)

cheap Hydro Flask is a very popular brand in North America. This cup basically uses the same technology (double vacuum insulated stainless steel) to keep the beverage warm for 4-8 hours. Large volume (sufficient for coffee in the morning), easy to store (can be left in the carry-on bag), multi-color (9 choices), powder coated surface is more beautiful, and very durable (used for one year) Can be as bright as new).

A new generation of red brand, cheap hydro flask come ~

Amazon’s TOP100 hot list – a presence that countless sellers admire, here is the familiar Anker. Everyone has always used Anker products as a standard routine for selecting, publishing, and promoting, but in fact, in addition to Anker, Meiya has many similar online brands, which is worth learning.

1, Wyze cam home camera

Wyze has been established for a few years, but its ideas of relying on small profits but quick turnover have sprung up. Wyze is basically only responsible for software development. The camera hardware is handled by the foundry. It almost skips all the retail links in the middle. Therefore, the price of the product is maintained at the price range of 25 dollars for a long time, and it has established a firm foothold in the US network camera market. . With the popularity of smart devices, the use of home cameras is also increasing, and wyze has become a frequent visitor to the top ten best-selling electronics products.

2, Instant intelligent cooking pot

Instant Pot is a Canadian-based company that develops products in Canada and the United States. Instant Pot has been on the top of Amazon’s kitchen supplies in the 2017 Black Friday shopping festival. Instant Pot is characterized by intelligent operation, user-friendliness, and multiple functions, which are consistent with the needs of Americans in cooking. At present, this product also has more than 31,000 reviews, which is a very popular cooking pot product of Amazon.

3, Hydro Flask water bottle

The brand of cheap Hydro Flask is not well known to the people of the country, but in foreign countries, especially the North American market, it is a net red brand, and its reputation is not weaker than the thermos, which is also a brand name. The stainless steel water bottle made by Hydro Flask is easy to clean and has a good insulation effect. It ranks first in the best-selling list of sports and outdoor products, kitchens and restaurants.

4, Mpow Bluetooth headset

Mpow has similarities with anker, both from China, and belongs to a brand of Patuxon. The Mpow brand’s main product is the Bluetooth wireless headset, and relying on the promotion of “Tube” network Red Brownlee, quickly became famous in the European and American markets. At present, this headset has entered the top 5 of the real-time bestseller list in Amazon’s mobile phone accessories, electronic products and other categories.

5, Batiste hair dry cleaning spray

Batiste is not a native American brand, but a British one from the other side of the ocean. The brand is also recommended by NetHub in recent years, so that more people are familiar with it. The price of the spray is less than $14, which is very cost-effective. It ranks among the best in the best-selling list of beauty and protective products, and is also the top-ranking dry cleaning spray.

Cheap Hydro Flask beverage cooling cup

The cheap Hydro Flask Cooling Cup is designed to keep iced beverages refrigerated. It is a versatile vial holder for bottles that keep drinks for longer periods of time. The silicone sleeve allows the user to attach and securely place the beverage can or bottle into the cooling cup to keep the beverage fresh and cool.

The lid of the cup is HYDRO FLASK’s trademark and LOGO, and the cup is printed with the logo of Colombia. There is such a cooperation!

Absolute professional grade water cup

550 ml capacity

Hydro flask sale patented double-layer liner

Insulation is invincible! ! ! In a 26 degree environment

Boiling water can still reach 58 degrees in 12 hours.

Insulation effect lever! !

Keep warm water for 24 hours and never sweat on the wall

Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, top nickel steel! !

No rust, no smell, good cleaning

Contains no environmental hormones and BPA

HYDRO FLASH mugs may not be familiar to everyone in China, but they have always been sales champions in North America. Thermographers, elephants and so on must look up, showing that professional performance is unusual.

These walking rivers and lakes backpacks contain a “small refrigerator”

Whether it’s camping or a simple urban picnic, a suitable outdoor incubator can help you keep your ingredients and drinks fresh. The outdoor incubator to be recommended in this period looks like a regular backpack, but it is a low-temperature preservation artifact that can provide enough time, freeing hands, portable and practical.

▶ Yeti Hopti Backflip 24

Yeti has always been wrong. One of the best all-rounders, this latest refrigerated backpack has a clean look, a classic blue zip and a grey outer shell. The seemingly low-profile shell resists mold, blocks UV rays, and prevents sharp objects from puncturing. The lining is made of FDA-approved food grade materials.

The ergonomic shoulder strap design makes it extremely comfortable to carry, and the back pad effectively supports the weight of the shoulder; it also includes a detachable chest strap and belt for added stability and safety.

Official website: https://www.yeti.com cheap hydro flask

Hydro Flask Sale Unbound

Square, minimalist, serious like a computer commuter bag, only 3 pounds light, and the slender box can be loaded with higher items. The cold-retaining effect is achieved by the material added at the bottom, 22 litres of space filled with 24 cans of beverage and kept cool for up to 48 hours.

There is a flexible mesh pocket on one side and a waterproof slot on the other side. There is space on the top cover that can be flipped for easy use. Four colors are available.

Cheap Hydro flask, do you know?

Hydro flask sale sports bottle

Many people will doubt that the sports bottle is not a subdivision type of the kettle, yes, but if you subdivide professionally, you can classify it from its application, there are the following:

  • Sports: Refers to the kettles used in some more intense sports occasions, such as running, climbing, etc., which is characterized by more emphasis on the quality and sealing function of the buckle.

outdoor use: refers to the use of hiking, picnic, tourism and other occasions, characterized by more lightweight, hang buckle multiple forms.

  • Student use: It can be said that it is similar to the outdoor water bottle, but because it is used by children, it is different from professional water bottle in design and production. Students use sports water bottle more convenient and easy to use, such as It is possible to use a rotary cover instead of a plug to open the cover.

Cheap hydro flask descaling method

  • Lemon method to remove scale

After chopping a lemon into the pot and boil it for a while, the scale can be easily removed. The supermarket also sells descaling detergents. The main ingredient is citric acid, which has the same effect as lemon.

  • Boiled hawthorn to remove scale

In the new kettle, put the hawthorn above the kettle, fill it with water, cook the hawthorn, and then boil the water, it will not accumulate scale. But pay attention to the kettle after boiling the hawthorn, do not scrub the inner wall, otherwise it will lose the effect of scaling. For the old kettle that has been covered with scale, after boiling twice in the above method, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but also can prevent the accumulation of scale.

  • Baking soda to remove scale

When boiling water with a scaled aluminum kettle, put 1 tsp baking soda, boil for a few minutes, and remove the scale.