Homemade winter refreshing red coffee, this American coffee mug can not be less

Homemade winter refreshing red coffee, this American coffee mug can not be less ~

Who is it, every morning, I have to come for a cup of coffee to start work? Who is it, and it’s an afternoon for a weekend at the cafe? Who is it, which street has a new cafe that tastes good, which cafe’s signboard and hidden menu? Are you a few treasures?

However, the winter is so cold, love coffee to such a hard-to-break you, instead of chilling and queuing to buy coffee, it is better to experience making a cup of coffee at home. Many people may think that making coffee is a very troublesome and professional thing, but it is not. As long as there are some simple hand tools and raw materials, and then master some small skills, basically play and play. The professional barista is at the level of the hand, and a small corner of the house can instantly turn into a petty bourgeoisie~

Let’s introduce a few net red coffees that are refreshing in the winter, and you can easily DIY at home~

[Oreo Milk Coffee]: Sweet milk coffee that little fairy loves~

First lay a layer of Oreo crumbs on the bottom of the cup, then directly put the ready-made coffee powder into the filter bag hanging on the cup and manually brew a cup of hot coffee. Remove the filter bag and pour hot milk. The ratio of milk to coffee is almost 1:1. Then sip a good whipped cream and add a piece of Oreo decoration. Good to drink and look good, just a shot is ins style ~

[Rose Latte]: Coffee full of love and romance~

16 grams of coffee beans are ground, 30 ml of coffee liquid is extracted, and 300 g of whole milk is heated and sent to 65 ° C. Why is it 65 ° C? Because the milk temperature of 65 ° C can not only perfectly reflect the sweetness of milk, but also the comfortable entrance. Then you can slowly pour the hot milk into the coffee, let them slowly blend, and finally sprinkle some rose petals. The fine milk foam and the fragrant coffee, the entrance is simply satisfied, and what is trapped is completely absent!

However, these net red coffee has a special feature, that is, it must be hot! The flavor of the cold coffee will be lost, and the taste will be greatly reduced. But it can’t be too hot, and the unique sourness of coffee over 65 degrees can’t be tasted. Therefore, to grasp the best drinking temperature in order to enjoy the best taste, in this regard, this American cheap hydro flask coffee mug is absolutely professional!

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The water outlet design, the entrance is gentle and comfortable, no hot mouth, the acidity and aroma of the coffee itself can also be maximized;

It also has a professional-grade seal design that permanently locks the unique flavors of the coffee, retains the mellow taste of the coffee, and is not easy to smell. Don’t worry about drinking a coffee, the taste is full of room;

It is also the high value of the appearance of C. Oh, the pearly paint cup body, full of color, is the fashion and simple style of ins popular, and can sip a little mouth, savor, feel great!

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