Cheap Hydro Flask beverage cooling cup

The cheap Hydro Flask Cooling Cup is designed to keep iced beverages refrigerated. It is a versatile vial holder for bottles that keep drinks for longer periods of time. The silicone sleeve allows the user to attach and securely place the beverage can or bottle into the cooling cup to keep the beverage fresh and cool.

The lid of the cup is HYDRO FLASK’s trademark and LOGO, and the cup is printed with the logo of Colombia. There is such a cooperation!

Absolute professional grade water cup

550 ml capacity

Hydro flask sale patented double-layer liner

Insulation is invincible! ! ! In a 26 degree environment

Boiling water can still reach 58 degrees in 12 hours.

Insulation effect lever! !

Keep warm water for 24 hours and never sweat on the wall

Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, top nickel steel! !

No rust, no smell, good cleaning

Contains no environmental hormones and BPA

HYDRO FLASH mugs may not be familiar to everyone in China, but they have always been sales champions in North America. Thermographers, elephants and so on must look up, showing that professional performance is unusual.