Recommended winter sports for outdoor sports adventurers. There is always one for you.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headset

Christmas is approaching, the weather is getting cold, and the US media has recommended several good options for adventurers who like outdoor sports:

1, Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headset ($350)

This headset has powerful noise cancellation technology. It reduces ambient noise and has almost no buzz. Wearing it will make you feel like you are in an empty corner of a quiet woods. It can perfectly play the crisp and full sound like a high-end mobile phone. It can be connected to a mobile phone wirelessly, or it can be viewed on a plane with an audio cable. Its battery life is at least 20 hours, and the high quality material ensures comfortable wearing.

2, Beastmaker 1000 hanging finger board (price 170 US dollars)

On particularly cold days, indoor strength training may be more beneficial to runners. This wooden suspended fingerboard has at least a dozen differently sized grooves for fingers, as well as two-finger and multi-finger. At home, you can also experience the fun of rock climbing, while also preparing for the real mountaineering activities after the spring.

  1. One-year membership of Ducks Unlimited (DU) magazine ($35)

This is a magazine founded in 1937 by the US non-profit organization 501(c), which focuses on the conservation of wetlands and the harmonious coexistence of related terrestrial waterfowl, other wildlife and humans. As of January 2016, the magazine has about 700,000 members. Through this magazine, you can learn more about the field.

4, Lulu Lemon Fly Away Tamer Headband II headband ($12)

This headband protects your ears from frostbite during winter or cycling, and the ultra-thin features are perfect for any bicycle helmet.

5, Spotify subscription service (price $ 10 / month)

No music running is hard to bear? And you always buy gifts at the last minute? The online streaming music player platform from Sweden is perfect for you. Download the latest songs to your phone and use them offline in the car or even in the mountains. Of course there are free, but paid users will advertise. It is most appropriate to give gifts to people who want to listen to new songs anytime, anywhere.

6, Maxtrax MK II tire pad (priced at $ 300)

Driving in the snow will inevitably slip – even the all-wheel drive Subaru. If you fall into the snow and can’t move, take a set of 2 such tire pads under the front or rear wheels. When the tires are embossed with the pads, you can easily “self-help.” This type of pad is suitable for almost all wild environments: mud, snow, sand, and even can be placed in the water trailer wheel down the tug. There are also a variety of colors to fit the terrain.

7, Hydro Flask 12 ounce (about 350ml) wide mouth thermos (price $ 22)

cheap Hydro Flask is a very popular brand in North America. This cup basically uses the same technology (double vacuum insulated stainless steel) to keep the beverage warm for 4-8 hours. Large volume (sufficient for coffee in the morning), easy to store (can be left in the carry-on bag), multi-color (9 choices), powder coated surface is more beautiful, and very durable (used for one year) Can be as bright as new).