Super loves the cheap Hydro Flask hiking mug! !

First, as a pear flower,

Her double-layer plastic cup used last year,

The value of the value is enough, but the insulation is not enough. This year, I started to use her own series of cheap hydro flask. I don’t really think about the quality of the bars. The insulation effect is super good. I think the value is very high. The housewife is n street, maybe hf is the American brand. It’s squatting or putting it on the table, it’s very atmospheric, the cup is very light and it’s not sinking. This is my favorite~

2019 good things recommended

As a North American net red mug brand, the reputation of the hydro flask sale in North America has been very good. From the sports cups for outdoor sports to the full-featured cups for beer, cola, and coffee, this brand is popular all over the world. As we can’t avoid it, we must follow the trend to buy a few for home use. Strongly recommend this brand, use absolute value, never regret it!