Raiders of the Canada site,the cheap hydro flask

External network news, it is said that Canada has lagged behind the United States in the e-commerce industry, but this is not just a rumor.

According to a report from 2018, 53% of Canadians spend less than $500 online – 28% of them are not spending online at all. The difference is that according to the Bigcommerce research, 51% of Americans think online shopping is the “best way to shop” and 80% of Americans shop online at least once a month.

However, recent research indicates that the trend of e-commerce in Canada is changing, especially on Amazon. Forrester researchers say that online retail consumption in Canada is expected to jump to 10% of total retail purchases by 2019, about 390. Billion dollars (about 29 billion US dollars). In addition, in 2012, Canada’s online retail sales totaled only $18.9 billion.

  1. According to Mobile Syrup, this year’s purchase of Prime members in Canada exceeded the prime time of 2015, such as prime membership day, black Friday and cyber Monday.
  2. According to the Financial Post, has accounted for 7% of Canada’s e-commerce sales in 2014 and is expected to grow even more in the next few years. The following points are the things you need to know when you start selling at Amazon Canada:

First, choose the best-selling product on the Amazon Canada site. Suppose your product is not on’s list of prohibited or restricted products. How do you know which products sell best in Canada? First, you can browse the best-selling products on the Amazon Canada site and the best-selling products on

Note: If you are looking for a new product for sale on, you should use the Amazon Seller Product Research Tool and learn more by checking out our Amazon Seller Tools.

We recommend selling products on starting on a small scale. In Amazon Canada, the top five best-selling products on U.S. Amazon may not sell as well in Amazon Canada.

Dave Cooley, strategic market channel manager, said: “I don’t recommend sellers to sell on in the first place. Instead, start with some best-selling items, see how they sell, and then gradually go deep into the market. Second, weigh the cost of these products on the Amazon Canada site. If you ask a Canadian buyer about the difference between shopping at and shopping at, they might say the choice of products on Small range and high shipping costs.

When you ask American sellers why they don’t like to sell on, they usually say that the site has higher shipping costs. If you sell the product for $50, you will only get a US$38.58 currency (based on current exchange rates). Petriello said: “Usually, US sellers can increase prices by 35%-40% when selling on Amazon to pay customs duties and shipping.”

We want to find a balance between price and demand. Below is an example of the cost difference between and, the seller of Tall Ridge, which sells for 12 ounces. The color of cheap Hydro Flask is “Lava”. (Note the use of FBA, which will be described in detail later.)

Amazon Canada station listing

Amazon US station listing

hydro flask sale

Amazon Canada station listing may be more expensive, but it offers a “free shipping” service. Also, when you search for two identical Hydro Flasks, it will display one of the lowest prices. Many other sellers will list this price point on listing, but they will add about $10 to the shipping cost. Here are two ways for US sellers to gain more competitiveness on 1. Weigh the return on products and management costs (such as ship cost, competitive advantage and taxation, etc.) to determine whether it is worth listing this product. Choose the most suitable shipping option for your product.