Quality life, starting with a cheap hydro flask

In the past, we may feel that holding a cup of hot water is the life of middle-aged and elderly people. But when I am getting older, this is really not the life of middle-aged people. Whether it is young or old, we should drink more hot water.

Drinking water doesn’t mean drinking only when you are thirsty. Everyone should develop the habit of drinking water in such a leisure time. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is extremely beneficial for our body. Since it is said that drinking water, there must be a cup of pickpockets. In today’s society, the traditional water cup is too aging, and it is extremely inconvenient to carry. A sleek, simple and portable mug comes.

No matter what season, the human body needs ample water supply. It is only in autumn and winter, the weather is getting cold. When we add water, we try to choose hot water with temperature. The vacuum cup is especially important. In autumn and winter, how to choose a warm and healthy mug, let me listen to it.

When you work and play, you need a cup of hot water to replenish energy. An excellent vacuum flask, you can drink hot water anytime, anywhere. It is stylish, simple and exquisite. The inner liner has a high vacuum insulation layer. It has excellent thermal insulation effect and high practicality! Come and see, don’t miss it!

cheap hydro flask tumbler

The requirements for the material and the performance of the stainless steel vacuum flask differ from those of the stainless steel vacuum flask. The vacuum cup requires a good material, and the thickness and the steel content of the stainless steel are high. If these do not meet the requirements, it will directly affect the vacuum effect of the cup. Otherwise it may be produced directly from the ordinary cup.

Generally, the stainless steel is filled with a vacuum layer to form a water-filled container, and the top is covered with a tight seal. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid such as water contained therein to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. The thermos cup is developed from the thermos bottle. The principle of heat preservation is the same as that of the thermos bottle. It is just that people make the bottle into a cup for convenience. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection, and transmission. The silver cup in the vacuum cup reflects the radiation of hot water. The vacuum of the cup and the cup can block the transfer of heat, and the bottle that does not transfer heat can prevent heat convection.

The length of the vacuum cup holding time depends on the structure of the cup and the thickness of the material.

Large-capacity, small-diameter vacuum cups have a longer holding time, whereas small-capacity, large-diameter vacuum cups have a shorter holding time;

The thinner the material, the longer the holding time, but the cup is easily damaged and deformed, which affects the service life;

Measures such as metal film on the outer layer of the vacuum cup and copper plating can also increase the degree of insulation.

Drinking hot water has become a representative of healthy living, so everyone is starting to have a thermos cup, and the thermos cup is no longer exclusive to the old cadres. However, the current thermos cup is not the old-fashioned style of the past, and all kinds of high-end atmosphere grades, it is no wonder that so many people use it.