These walking rivers and lakes backpacks contain a “small refrigerator”

Whether it’s camping or a simple urban picnic, a suitable outdoor incubator can help you keep your ingredients and drinks fresh. The outdoor incubator to be recommended in this period looks like a regular backpack, but it is a low-temperature preservation artifact that can provide enough time, freeing hands, portable and practical.

▶ Yeti Hopti Backflip 24

Yeti has always been wrong. One of the best all-rounders, this latest refrigerated backpack has a clean look, a classic blue zip and a grey outer shell. The seemingly low-profile shell resists mold, blocks UV rays, and prevents sharp objects from puncturing. The lining is made of FDA-approved food grade materials.

The ergonomic shoulder strap design makes it extremely comfortable to carry, and the back pad effectively supports the weight of the shoulder; it also includes a detachable chest strap and belt for added stability and safety.

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Hydro Flask Sale Unbound

Square, minimalist, serious like a computer commuter bag, only 3 pounds light, and the slender box can be loaded with higher items. The cold-retaining effect is achieved by the material added at the bottom, 22 litres of space filled with 24 cans of beverage and kept cool for up to 48 hours.

There is a flexible mesh pocket on one side and a waterproof slot on the other side. There is space on the top cover that can be flipped for easy use. Four colors are available.

Cheap Hydro flask, do you know?

Hydro flask sale sports bottle

Many people will doubt that the sports bottle is not a subdivision type of the kettle, yes, but if you subdivide professionally, you can classify it from its application, there are the following:

  • Sports: Refers to the kettles used in some more intense sports occasions, such as running, climbing, etc., which is characterized by more emphasis on the quality and sealing function of the buckle.

outdoor use: refers to the use of hiking, picnic, tourism and other occasions, characterized by more lightweight, hang buckle multiple forms.

  • Student use: It can be said that it is similar to the outdoor water bottle, but because it is used by children, it is different from professional water bottle in design and production. Students use sports water bottle more convenient and easy to use, such as It is possible to use a rotary cover instead of a plug to open the cover.

Cheap hydro flask descaling method

  • Lemon method to remove scale

After chopping a lemon into the pot and boil it for a while, the scale can be easily removed. The supermarket also sells descaling detergents. The main ingredient is citric acid, which has the same effect as lemon.

  • Boiled hawthorn to remove scale

In the new kettle, put the hawthorn above the kettle, fill it with water, cook the hawthorn, and then boil the water, it will not accumulate scale. But pay attention to the kettle after boiling the hawthorn, do not scrub the inner wall, otherwise it will lose the effect of scaling. For the old kettle that has been covered with scale, after boiling twice in the above method, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but also can prevent the accumulation of scale.

  • Baking soda to remove scale

When boiling water with a scaled aluminum kettle, put 1 tsp baking soda, boil for a few minutes, and remove the scale.

Sports bottles are easy to smell, what is the reason? How to clean it? Life tips

In fact, in our lives, we often use a mug or sports bottle to hold some sports drinks, or some other products that restore physical fitness, then our kettle will become a place for the production of various bacteria, and Also often accompanied by some meaning, how to clean can not be cleaned, today Xiaobian summarized some on the Internet and experienced some methods, so that everyone’s cheap Hydro flask kettle can be kept clean and avoid mold. The following small series will explain to everyone the cleaning of the sports bottle!

Hydro flask sale sports bottle cleaning coup

  1. Warm water plus detergent

Many bacteria are very scared of warm water and detergent. Clean the quilt with warm water and detergent. After washing, be sure to wash it repeatedly. Do not leave the detergent in the cup!

  1. Use a brush

If your kettle cup is small, buy a longer brush, which is better to buy, because only this brush can be used to brush the inside of the cup and the bottom of the bacteria, plus some warm water and Dishwashing detergent will make it easier to clean the residue sticking to the cup, because it is difficult to brush off some stubborns with a brush! But don’t use a melon cloth, or a wire ball, because it’s very easy to brush the kettle! This is very easy, the dirt stays in the scratched gap!

  1. The cover must be washed

Because most of the kettles are now not connected to the cup and the place to drink, and even if they are connected together, your liquid will remain on the lid, so the lid should be washed, and finally the water is boiled. a bit!

  1. No strong detergent

But if you think that your kettle can’t be removed by the above methods, then your kettle should be able to say goodbye to it, because only very strong detergents such as bleaching powder are used, but once strong detergent is used, That cup can also be said to be very dirty, even more dirty than the previous bacteria!

  1. Lose it

If your cup can already see obvious dirt, or it is difficult to remove it, then this cup should not be used again!

  1. Let the water dry

After cleaning the kettle every time, put the cup upside down or tilt it, let the water stay out, and let the air dry. Don’t cover the lid when it is not dry, so as to avoid mold growth.

  1. Wash every time you run out

Finally, I remind you that the cup that everyone used is cleaned every time, because it is the easiest to clean at that time. Do not cover the lid after cleaning. Just put the lid on the kettle and do not seal it!

Raiders of the Canada site,the cheap hydro flask

External network news, it is said that Canada has lagged behind the United States in the e-commerce industry, but this is not just a rumor.

According to a report from 2018, 53% of Canadians spend less than $500 online – 28% of them are not spending online at all. The difference is that according to the Bigcommerce research, 51% of Americans think online shopping is the “best way to shop” and 80% of Americans shop online at least once a month.

However, recent research indicates that the trend of e-commerce in Canada is changing, especially on Amazon. Forrester researchers say that online retail consumption in Canada is expected to jump to 10% of total retail purchases by 2019, about 390. Billion dollars (about 29 billion US dollars). In addition, in 2012, Canada’s online retail sales totaled only $18.9 billion.

  1. According to Mobile Syrup, this year’s purchase of Prime members in Canada exceeded the prime time of 2015, such as prime membership day, black Friday and cyber Monday.
  2. According to the Financial Post, has accounted for 7% of Canada’s e-commerce sales in 2014 and is expected to grow even more in the next few years. The following points are the things you need to know when you start selling at Amazon Canada:

First, choose the best-selling product on the Amazon Canada site. Suppose your product is not on’s list of prohibited or restricted products. How do you know which products sell best in Canada? First, you can browse the best-selling products on the Amazon Canada site and the best-selling products on

Note: If you are looking for a new product for sale on, you should use the Amazon Seller Product Research Tool and learn more by checking out our Amazon Seller Tools.

We recommend selling products on starting on a small scale. In Amazon Canada, the top five best-selling products on U.S. Amazon may not sell as well in Amazon Canada.

Dave Cooley, strategic market channel manager, said: “I don’t recommend sellers to sell on in the first place. Instead, start with some best-selling items, see how they sell, and then gradually go deep into the market. Second, weigh the cost of these products on the Amazon Canada site. If you ask a Canadian buyer about the difference between shopping at and shopping at, they might say the choice of products on Small range and high shipping costs.

When you ask American sellers why they don’t like to sell on, they usually say that the site has higher shipping costs. If you sell the product for $50, you will only get a US$38.58 currency (based on current exchange rates). Petriello said: “Usually, US sellers can increase prices by 35%-40% when selling on Amazon to pay customs duties and shipping.”

We want to find a balance between price and demand. Below is an example of the cost difference between and, the seller of Tall Ridge, which sells for 12 ounces. The color of cheap Hydro Flask is “Lava”. (Note the use of FBA, which will be described in detail later.)

Amazon Canada station listing

Amazon US station listing

hydro flask sale

Amazon Canada station listing may be more expensive, but it offers a “free shipping” service. Also, when you search for two identical Hydro Flasks, it will display one of the lowest prices. Many other sellers will list this price point on listing, but they will add about $10 to the shipping cost. Here are two ways for US sellers to gain more competitiveness on 1. Weigh the return on products and management costs (such as ship cost, competitive advantage and taxation, etc.) to determine whether it is worth listing this product. Choose the most suitable shipping option for your product.

The full list of the German iF Gold Awards was announced in 2019. Which outstanding designs make people shine.

Guide: The winners of the German iF Design Awards in 2019 were officially announced. Among them, LG OLED (E9) TV, Sonos Beam Smart Bar Speaker, Samsung VL Series VL5 & VL3 Wireless Speakers are among the many entries in their works. Stand out and win the “Gold Award”.

March 22nd News The iF Design Award (“iF”) was founded in 1953. This year is the 66th year of the German iF Design Award. Recently, the winners of the German iF Design Awards in 2019 were officially announced.

It is reported that there are 52 countries submitting works, a total of 6375 works, only 65 won the gold award, including LG OLED (E9) TV, Sonos Beam smart sound bar, Samsung VL series VL5 & VL3 wireless speakers With its own impressive strength, the work stands out among the many entries, and likes the “Gold Award”.

Cheap Hydro Flask Multi-Function Drink Cup

Hydro Flask sale mugs seem to be well below the thermos and zoji! In the outdoor insulation pot, word of mouth is among the best! This double-layer vacuum stainless steel vacuum cup keeps cooling for up to 24 hours and retains heat for up to 6 hours. Premium 18/8 stainless steel does not contain BPA. High quality colorful powder spray matte look, lifetime warranty. 2097 users average 4.7 stars super praise!


The LG OLED E9 comes from LG Electronics (Korea) design company. It uses a floating screen design to remove any elements outside the screen. The cable is not visible from the front, as if it were suspended in the air. In fact, there is a glass base and a stealth bracket.

Sonos Beam Smart Sound Bar

The Sonos Beam Smart Sound Bar is a new smart speaker from Sonos, Inc (USA) design company that can be controlled by voice control or app. It is designed with simple and smooth language, small and exquisite, and the sound can fill the room. The hearing experience is excellent.

Samsung VL Series VL5 & VL3 Wireless Speaker

The Samsung VL Series VL5 & VL3 Wireless Speakers are from Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd. (Korea) design company, the design perfectly interprets the minimalist design style, the length is about two feet, the color is silver / black optional, not only can be connected to Wi-Fi, but also can be controlled by SmartThings application.

The full list of the German iF Gold Awards in 2019 is as follows:

Midea Superior Series Cooker

Cila Go series study chair

Kyocera KY-01L card phone

Hydro Flask Multi-Function Drink Cup

Ferrari Monza SP1 sports car

Ujet electric scooter

Beside portable air conditioner


LUMI 2.0 new generation computer

Luminaire Innov-is XP1 seaming machine

Leg&Go 8in1 Deformable Balance Bike

Vitodens 300 gas water heater

Signia Styletto Hearing Aid

Rainfinity Produktfamilie shower system

Urban Iki children’s bicycle seat

Nest Thermostat E Thermostat

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones

Miele G7965 ScVi dishwasher

HP Spectre Folio laptop

Salt & Pepper portable light

IONITY electric vehicle charging station

SIMOTICS S1FK2 servo motor

Miele MasterCool series combination refrigerator

Sony CL-N810 LED Portable Light

Sony aibo robot dog

SCHOTT CERAN EXCITE? Glass-ceramic cooktop

Hettich ComfortSpin Carousel

HEWI System 900 Health System

ZEISS ZEISS ZX1 digital camera

Balanced kitchen knife set

Thin film solar energy Hanwa

Assem series bathtub and sink

Integrated solar reel charger

CineAlta VENICE (MPC-3610) Digital Cinema Camera

Ouchi Mito largo curved lamp

FUJIFILM CALNEO Xair portable X-ray system

VariJET 106 printing press

Two double action door handle

Dongguanguan farmers returning houses

West Side Terrace Apartment

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Media Accommodation

Volvo Concept Loader ZEUX

MAN CitE Concept City Logistics Distribution Truck

BMW Vision iNEXT concept car

AP 360 Concept Electrical Installation System

Le Beck’s beer packaging design

Cheong Kwang Jang Alpha Project Health Food Packaging

BenQ projector pulp molded packaging

Scars of Democracy website design

Art4GlobalGoals website design

Opera Touch Mobile Browser App

Chemical Periodic Table of Contents

Tianshui (Tian shui) brand image design

Liyuan Theater Brand Image Design

“Open eyes” poster design

Samsung – inspired by you” interactive multimedia device

“Experience New Energy” exhibition Technology Experience Museum

“McCarlan User Experience” exhibition

Endoscopy department transformation

SXT Partner Notification Service

WeChat self-service checkout counter

Holding a cup with a face, a taste of tea, and a cup of warm hand-picked office workers should look like?

At least eight hours a day contribute to the office. In order to ensure a good mental state, most white-collar workers use “tea drinking” as a healthy and refreshing solution. In terms of work efficiency, the big case tea is only suitable for entertaining guests, and it is obviously cumbersome to use as a daily routine. If a thermos cup can also make a cup of good tea, it will certainly be more in line with the actual needs. This time, I will experience a thermos cup that can be used for tea.

The white rectangular box with the words “hydro flask” printed on the lid is concise and clear. The black body cup is very elegant, the exterior of the cup is made of piano paint, the coating is delicate and exquisite, and it is very good in the beauty of technology and art on the table.

Unscrew the middle layer and you can see the inner bladder of the cup. According to the official description, the inner tank is made of high quality 304 stainless steel material and combined with the integrated stainless steel drawing process. Careful observation, you can see the surface of the liner is smooth, not easy to foul, soaked a month of tea, each time is a simple cleaning, is still clean as new.

The thread of the cup is even, the screwing is smooth, and the tightening is easy. The sealing of the cup is very good. Even if it is put upside down during use, there is no need to worry about the cover being leaky and leaking.

Cheap Hydro Flask is designed with a double cup structure. You can use the lower main cup to bloom the water, while the upper one is used to make tea. Each time 2g tea is 100ml water, it is a gold combination. Ordinary thermos cups can be used to make a large cup at a time, so that it is not only easy to reduce the nutritional value of tea, but if it is not finished in time, the tea will become bitter and boring. Each time the Haoze Insulation Cup is soaked in 100 ml, it is ready to drink, which is more in line with the actual use scene.

This seemingly simple double cup design, after the real experience, only found very clever. For example, two cups can be filled with different flavors of drinks, and a cup of dual-use during the trip is simple and intimate. The traditional thermos cup is too troublesome to clean because of the inner liner. It can hold the tea or coffee that is easy to produce dirt on the upper layer, and the shallower cup layer can be more convenient to clean.

The bottom of the cup is a non-slip base made of silicone. It is made of food grade silicone material and has anti-slip shock absorption effect, which can reduce the damage of the cup.

The bottom of the cup can be unscrewed and rotated in the direction indicated by OPEN. It is found that a hidden “organ” is actually a room that can accommodate a tea bag or enough tea to be brewed once. This design is very user-friendly. Not much more than just good.

In the afternoon, sleepy, unscrew the thermos cup, brew a cup of green tea, and let the mind clear in the elegant and fresh natural floral aroma of the tea. The cup is taken and released, eliminating the cumbersome process of making tea, and a small cup at a time, so far, no waste.

On the way home from work, you can also bring a pair of hot water to make it quiet and stay with you. It’s not a problem with traffic jams on the road. Let’s have a good cup of tea to solve the problem, and retreat to the negative emotions accumulated in one day, and smile face to the family! As shown in the picture below, it is stable in the car and full of quality.

In general, the hydro flask sale is a very warm and good thing for office workers. A hot water keeps people in a good stomach. Drinking water on time is convenient and tea is a demand point for white-collar workers. Again and again, the warm reminder, like the beat of music, subtly makes life in the rules of the melody, maintaining a calm and calm heart.

Drinking cups, how to go shopping, will have better insulation effect!

Drinking cups, how to go shopping, will have better insulation effect!

Lead: Usually, when we drink water, we basically use a vacuum flask to fill the water. However, there are more and more brands of vacuum flasks in the market. Each type of sales and evaluation in the market is different, and most of the consumption may be When you go to the market to buy, you will pay attention to its insulation effect. Therefore, I will introduce you to the techniques you should master when purchasing a vacuum flask in the market.

Tip 1: The strength of the mug is good or bad.

First of all, the strength of the vacuum flask is the key to judging the insulation effect and quality. After filling the mug with hot water, about five minutes, touch the appearance of the quilt or the bottom of the cup. If there is a little temperature, the performance of the mug is very bad. If the temperature of pouring water and not pouring water is the same, the performance of this vacuum cup is very good, it can be purchased. This requires judging the quality of the material inside the cup from the strength of the surface, so that it basically knows its thermal insulation performance is good.

North American mug tide brand: hydro flask sale

cheap hydro flask with ice

Tip 2: The sealing effect of the thermos cup.

In general, after filling the cup, and then by pressing the lid tightly, put it back for a few minutes or rub it hard to see if the moisture penetrates, it means the inside is not sealed enough. Then, the insulation effect will be significantly reduced. Therefore, when comparing these cups in the market, it can be judged in this way. I believe that it can be clearly seen in its function, or to compare the sealing performance from different angles. And effects.

Tip 3: Identification of stainless steel.

Aside from the insulation cup, we all know that stainless steel is available in many grades. Each material has a different grade, and there may be a gap in the quality of the material. You can choose to analyze the quality of the stainless steel material to determine whether the material is the same or not. If it is consistent, it means that the cup is still very good, at least in terms of quality, it is also compared when drinking water.

Conclusion: Therefore, the design of the thermos cup is more and more diversified, whether it is in the material, or on the inner wall or appearance, it may look more beautiful, in fact, it is difficult to judge its performance. Therefore, only after comparing different cups will you know the quality of the cups. When comparing in the market, it is obvious that the quality is good or bad.

There is a sports bottle that is also used by the US military.

After strenuous exercise, a lot of water is lost. I believe that most people feel very thirsty at the moment.

Water is the most basic condition for life-sustaining activities. Maintaining the body’s water balance can ensure that all functions of the body function properly. Therefore, no matter whether it is any sports or outdoor activities, it needs to be replenished in time. Therefore, a sports bottle can not be less.

About purchasing

The purchase of sports water bottles is not too much attention. Regarding the sealing and portability, as long as it is a regular sports bottle, these points are available. For different user needs, there are two more subjective factors to pay attention to when purchasing.

Drinking water. According to different opening designs, there are mainly three ways of drinking water. The first type of dragon mouth is the kind of general beverage bottle, the most direct outlet, straight down drink; the second type of straw, this can be understood from the word, no More explanation, the third is to press the bottle to generate water pressure so that the bottle mouth naturally water.

The advantages and disadvantages of the three methods are different. For example, the first type has a large amount of water and direct drinking. The disadvantage is that when drinking water, the eye will be distracted because it is tilted up. This is for some sports that need to be focused (such as bicycles). ) will have a slight impact, and when hydrating during exercise, it may cause water to overflow due to intense exercise. The straw type just makes up for this shortcoming, but sometimes it may be too tired to absorb water with force. It just makes up for these shortcomings.

Material. The sports water bottle is generally made of three kinds of materials: plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. Most outdoor enthusiasts use plastic. The advantages are: light, portable, and durable.

If plastic materials are used, special hygiene safety is required. Some plastic bottles are added with plasticizer during the production process. This chemical composition is harmful to human body. If such plastic bottles are used for drinking water and oil for a long time. Alcohol and other substances can easily dissolve the harmful substances inside and bring them into the human body. Therefore, when purchasing a kettle, you must pay attention to whether the material meets the food-grade hygiene requirements, whether the inner layer is coated to prevent corrosion and prevent some plastics. Molecular decomposition and the like.

There is nothing to pay attention to in terms of brand. The basic price determines the quality, but there is a brand that is particularly famous for outdoor sports water bottles: cheap Hydro Flask, an American brand that produces various types of high quality sports water bottles for outdoor athletes. Affected by users, even the kettle used by the US military is also from this brand.

Which brand of outdoor sports insulation cup is best?

Because everyone is working at ordinary times, the pressure is very high, and the body can’t get effective exercise. Now people are willing to participate in outdoor sports, in order to relieve stress and open up their horizons. At the same time, they can exercise their body and participate in outdoor sports. To prepare for the work, some essential items are indispensable, such as a heat preservation cup, and the selection of the heat preservation cup is also learned. Which brand of outdoor sports insulation cup is best? Let Xiaobian popularize it for everyone.

At present, there are many types of vacuum flasks on the market, and the price difference is also very large. For some consumers, they do not understand the principle and often spend a lot of money to buy products that are satisfactory. How can I buy a high-quality vacuum flask? I think the easiest way is to look for a well-known brand. After all, for the brand goods, it is still a penny, like the thermos THERMOS Tiger Tiger Sibao SIBAO, like Inhals, is the excerpt of the 2010 Top 10 Mug Cup brands that buy brand portals. I think it can reflect the recognition and support of everyone. These brands are familiar brands. The quality is definitely more secure.

Travel insulation pots should consider weight, volume, and firmness. Generally there are all stainless steel insulated kettles, military dual-use kettles (with kettle inside, outside is a container for boiling water), FRP drinking water bottles (space cups), ordinary glass galley kettles, plastic water bottles, space cups, sheepskin kettles, etc.

Currently there are several competitive brands on the market:

  1. Thermographer THERMOS (brand in Germany in 1904, the leading brand of professional high vacuum stainless steel thermos);
  2. Tiger Tiger (professional stainless steel vacuum flask, top ten thermos cup (bottle / pot), 1923 Japan);
  3. Sibao SIBAO (one of the earliest stainless steel magnetized cup enterprises, the top ten mug brands, Guangdong famous brand);
  4. Xiangyin (1918 Japanese thermos leading brand, top ten insulation cup (bottle / pot) brand);
  5. Cheap Hydro Flask (famous brand in North America, essential equipment for outdoor sports);

Quality life, starting with a cheap hydro flask

In the past, we may feel that holding a cup of hot water is the life of middle-aged and elderly people. But when I am getting older, this is really not the life of middle-aged people. Whether it is young or old, we should drink more hot water.

Drinking water doesn’t mean drinking only when you are thirsty. Everyone should develop the habit of drinking water in such a leisure time. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is extremely beneficial for our body. Since it is said that drinking water, there must be a cup of pickpockets. In today’s society, the traditional water cup is too aging, and it is extremely inconvenient to carry. A sleek, simple and portable mug comes.

No matter what season, the human body needs ample water supply. It is only in autumn and winter, the weather is getting cold. When we add water, we try to choose hot water with temperature. The vacuum cup is especially important. In autumn and winter, how to choose a warm and healthy mug, let me listen to it.

When you work and play, you need a cup of hot water to replenish energy. An excellent vacuum flask, you can drink hot water anytime, anywhere. It is stylish, simple and exquisite. The inner liner has a high vacuum insulation layer. It has excellent thermal insulation effect and high practicality! Come and see, don’t miss it!

cheap hydro flask tumbler

The requirements for the material and the performance of the stainless steel vacuum flask differ from those of the stainless steel vacuum flask. The vacuum cup requires a good material, and the thickness and the steel content of the stainless steel are high. If these do not meet the requirements, it will directly affect the vacuum effect of the cup. Otherwise it may be produced directly from the ordinary cup.

Generally, the stainless steel is filled with a vacuum layer to form a water-filled container, and the top is covered with a tight seal. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid such as water contained therein to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. The thermos cup is developed from the thermos bottle. The principle of heat preservation is the same as that of the thermos bottle. It is just that people make the bottle into a cup for convenience. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection, and transmission. The silver cup in the vacuum cup reflects the radiation of hot water. The vacuum of the cup and the cup can block the transfer of heat, and the bottle that does not transfer heat can prevent heat convection.

The length of the vacuum cup holding time depends on the structure of the cup and the thickness of the material.

Large-capacity, small-diameter vacuum cups have a longer holding time, whereas small-capacity, large-diameter vacuum cups have a shorter holding time;

The thinner the material, the longer the holding time, but the cup is easily damaged and deformed, which affects the service life;

Measures such as metal film on the outer layer of the vacuum cup and copper plating can also increase the degree of insulation.

Drinking hot water has become a representative of healthy living, so everyone is starting to have a thermos cup, and the thermos cup is no longer exclusive to the old cadres. However, the current thermos cup is not the old-fashioned style of the past, and all kinds of high-end atmosphere grades, it is no wonder that so many people use it.