Outdoor net red: Cheap Hydro Flask Tumbler wide mouth mug

A cup that can drink cola. This capacity basically guarantees the amount of water needed during the day. Hydro Flask sale, the brand’s outdoor cockroach, should know that its cup rating is not lower than the thermos and zoji! In the outdoor insulation pot, word of mouth is among the best! This double-layer vacuum stainless steel vacuum cup keeps cooling for up to 24 hours and retains heat for up to 6 hours. Premium 18/8 stainless steel does not contain BPA. The high-quality colorful powder is sprayed with a matte finish, and the outer layer is a food-grade paint with a matte feel. Multi-color optional, the color value is also very high. Want to be different? It is right to choose it.

      At present, the US outdoor website REI has this cheap Hydro Flask Tumbler wide-mouth mug 660ML special price $14.73, about 102 yuan, excluding shipping costs, free shipping on orders over $50. The delivery weight is expected to be 1 lb. Currently available in two colors.

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Vacuum heat preservation performance simple identification method: pour boiling water into the heat preservation cup and screw the bottle stopper or cup cover clockwise for 2-3 minutes, then touch the outer surface of the cup body by hand. If the cup body has obvious warmth, the product The vacuum has been lost and a good insulation effect cannot be achieved.
    2, sealing performance identification method: after adding water to the cup, screw the bottle stopper and the lid in a clockwise direction, put the cup flat on the table, should be no water leakage; the cup lid and the cup mouth should be flexible, no gap .
    3, plastic parts identification method: food-grade new plastic is characterized by small smell, bright surface, no burrs, long service life and not easy to aging. Ordinary plastics or recycled plastics are characterized by large odor, dark color, many burrs, and easy aging of plastics.
    4, capacity simple identification method: the depth of the liner is basically the same as the height of the outer casing, (the difference of 16-18MM) capacity and the nominal value. Some poor quality mugs add sand and cement to the cup to make up for the missing weight. Myth: The weight of the cup (pot) is not necessarily good.
    5, stainless steel material simple identification method: stainless steel material specifications, 18/8 means that the stainless steel material composition contains 18% chromium, containing 8% nickel, meets this standard of materials, in line with national food-grade standards are green products, products Anti-rust and corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel cup body color is whitish and dark, if placed in a concentration of 1% salt water for 24 hours, it will produce rust spots, and some of its elements exceed the standard, directly endangering human health.