Instagram has exploded again, this time it turned out to be cheap hydro flask

When the holiday is idle, the plaything has regained the hobby of the past and brushed Instagram.

While sighing, how can there be so many exquisite and beautiful things in the world, they are simply shining and shining under the match of ins major bloggers, which stimulates my nerves.

Brushing and brushing, I noticed that several fashion bloggers and buyers who were concerned about it all ate the same warm cup.

It is important to know that the bloggers on these Ins have always been in the market, and they use it, and the market is in full swing.

So I decided to take a good look at this pendulum weapon – the cheap hydro flask.

The appearance of this mug is so high, is it because they love to drink hot water? ……of course not.

Most of the girls are visual animals. You are willing to hold the cup in your hand and take photos and shoot it out, of course because of its high value.

Taking a photo of a kettle, it is called an old cadre.

However, in addition to the good looks of the hydro flask mug, the quality is nothing to say.

The cup is made of food grade stainless steel, does not contain BPA and LEAD, is lead-free, non-toxic, easy to clean and corrosion resistant.

The three-layer insulation plus vacuum closure enhances the cup’s insulation/ice protection. It has 12 hours of warmth and 25 hours of cold preservation to meet your different drinking temperature requirements.

In terms of design, the hydro flask mug also took a lot of care. It is different from the mainstream cylindrical cup type on the market, but it is deliberately cut out on both sides, easy to grasp and not slip.

The most touching thing is that its price/performance ratio is really high. In the past, you didn’t want to go out with a thermos cup, maybe it was because you haven’t met it yet.

This time I finally met my favorite cup.