The cheap Hydro Flask stainless steel outdoor mug unpacking the sun, with the chilled supplies of iced cola

Ok, I admit that I bought this cup just to install Coke. A lot of instructions on the mug tell you not to wear corrosive liquids. Is the horse a corrosive liquid? hydrochloric acid? Nitric acid? Hey, carbonated drinks with bubbles are. But do you think about it, the hot summer, hiking or hiking, the taste of iced cola, is it fluttering? Cheap Hydro Flask uses 18/8 high specification stainless steel, uncoated, and spikes Coke.You can find the website has hydro flask sale.

Insulation effect:

Yesterday, the cup was delivered to the house, and in the morning, a small amount of freshly boiled water was used to disinfect. From 9 am to 5 pm, 8 hours. In the case of multiple opening and viewing, the poured water is hot, basically satisfactory.


The mouth of the bottle is also stainless steel and has heat conduction.


I bought a 720 ml, 24 ounce capacity. The cup is thin and tall and looks great. The outer layer is a food-grade paint, and the matte feel is good.

cheap hydro flask keeps hot