Cheap Hydro flask new tumbler first evaluation

The life products of the cheap hydro flask have always been loved by many people. In particular, I personally recognize the products of Mijia, and the simple appearance is its most obvious feature.

Today, the hydro flask sale is on the line with a vacuum flask. It costs 99 yuan. During the trial, I found it to be definitely a value-added product. Let’s take a look at it. How do I rate this old user of this thermos? Let’s take a cup of rice.

white cheap hydro flask cups

The inner liner of this flask is made of 316L stainless steel liner and is also made of mirrored inner wall. The biggest advantage of this is that it is not easy to leave stains, such as coffee, tea, juice and so on. It is convenient to clean and the cleanliness will be high.

Its capacity is 500ML, which is equivalent to the amount of iced black tea or sprite. It is just right for a person to go out. It is also worth mentioning that its own small size is smaller than the usual capacity of the thermos cup, and its weight is only 215g, very light and easy to carry.

cheap hydro flask

The use of the vacuum flask is of course insulated, so we carried out a 12-hour experiment to see if its insulation effect is really reliable.

The whole process uses very professional thermal imaging equipment to test the overall situation of this product for everyone. The test environment is around 14.5-16.5 °C.

After the hot water is introduced, the temperature above the cup will be the highest temperature of the whole cup, and the temperature just after pouring hot water is 15.2 °C.

At this point, we screwed the lid and placed it in the evaluation room at room temperature of 14.5 °C for 2 hours. The lid will not open in the middle. We have to look at the insulation effect for 2 hours.

After 5 hours, the water temperature in the cup is 69.1 °C. This kind of heat preservation effect has not lost the thermos cup I used before. At least one thing can be proved. Under the same circumstances, this Mijia launched the thermos cup, the insulation effect It has already surpassed the thermos (about 400 yuan when I bought it).

In fact, in theory, the insulation effect of the insulation cup is based on 6 hours, and few people will go out with the insulation cup for more than 6 hours. However, we still haven’t stopped testing. We want to see how it works after 12 hours.

cheap hydro flask sale

We share a little experience related to the mug:

Based on our experience in the testing session, take this water cup as an example. If you go out for 2-3 hours, then when you put water into the mug, the temperature should be able to drink but feel a little bit hot, so when you go out and want to drink, the temperature of the water is just right.

But if you want to go out for 3-5 hours, the water you put in should be around 70 °C, that is, you can’t drink it directly, wait for a while, so at least before you come back, the water in the cup is It is hot water that can be drunk directly.

If you want to prepare the baby for the water used to wash the milk powder, you should first make sure that the water temperature should be higher before going out. If you feel a little hot after brewing, you can use the shaking method to cool down, but if the water temperature is low, it is completely I can’t give my child a milk powder.

Remember! Whether it is this product or other vacuum flasks, it is not suitable for carbonated beverages, otherwise it will destroy the insulation effect of the cup and even affect the cleaning effect. In addition, tea and coffee should be cleaned immediately after drinking, otherwise it will affect the cleaning effect.