Cheap Hydro flask, do you know?

Hydro flask sale sports bottle

Many people will doubt that the sports bottle is not a subdivision type of the kettle, yes, but if you subdivide professionally, you can classify it from its application, there are the following:

  • Sports: Refers to the kettles used in some more intense sports occasions, such as running, climbing, etc., which is characterized by more emphasis on the quality and sealing function of the buckle.

outdoor use: refers to the use of hiking, picnic, tourism and other occasions, characterized by more lightweight, hang buckle multiple forms.

  • Student use: It can be said that it is similar to the outdoor water bottle, but because it is used by children, it is different from professional water bottle in design and production. Students use sports water bottle more convenient and easy to use, such as It is possible to use a rotary cover instead of a plug to open the cover.

Cheap hydro flask descaling method

  • Lemon method to remove scale

After chopping a lemon into the pot and boil it for a while, the scale can be easily removed. The supermarket also sells descaling detergents. The main ingredient is citric acid, which has the same effect as lemon.

  • Boiled hawthorn to remove scale

In the new kettle, put the hawthorn above the kettle, fill it with water, cook the hawthorn, and then boil the water, it will not accumulate scale. But pay attention to the kettle after boiling the hawthorn, do not scrub the inner wall, otherwise it will lose the effect of scaling. For the old kettle that has been covered with scale, after boiling twice in the above method, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but also can prevent the accumulation of scale.

  • Baking soda to remove scale

When boiling water with a scaled aluminum kettle, put 1 tsp baking soda, boil for a few minutes, and remove the scale.