Cheap Hydro Flask bottle that should not be missed

For the name of cheap Hydro Flask, everyone may be stranger, it doesn’t matter, in fact, I am also unfamiliar, haha, but I am fortunate to know and use to share with you.

First come to a network comment:

Geek Haitao: Hydro Flask sale favorable rate in North America far exceeds that of the Thermos and Xiangyin, and its reputation in the outdoor insulation pot is among the best. The food grade 18/8 stainless steel Hydro Flask is easy to clean, no odor, no bacteria, no environmental hormones and BPA. The key is to make Coke! Its insulation effect can be at room temperature of 26 degrees, the boiling water after 12 hours is still 58 degrees, and the cold can reach 24 hours. The bottle body and printing materials also reach the level of non-toxic food, which can be used with confidence. There are a variety of capacities from 12 ounces (360 ml) to 24 ounces (720 ml).

It is also necessary to talk about personal feelings:

Safety: Do not coat the coating to be coated. The important thing is to say three times. The food grade material from the inside to the outside is the right way. If you ask me why I don’t want to coat, you can think of me as paranoid or something, but I think the thing is really terrible. Do not believe that you can search for SIGG coating what… I believe that few are more famous than SIGG.

Practical: hot and cold, although I did not really use a thermometer to measure, but the insulation effect is indeed good, in addition to the size of various models to meet different needs, when reading on the green space, when traveling, even if you take the children to the community park to play You can use it when you are, and the color of the quiet point is also OK for your business trip.

ZB: Proper.

Trial test: Take the children out to play at the weekend, open the cover in the afternoon at about 2 pm, add a hot water to the sippy cup of the child at about 4:30, and finally the hot water inside is hot at 6:30. The mouth can not be directly drunk, indicating that the insulation effect is good, and no water leaks.

OK, gossip less, above. (Mobile phone shooting, macro mode automatically enhances saturation, so the detail map is somewhat unreal, the first picture color reproduction is best)