Haitaobao cold cup recommended: Cheap Hydro Flask stainless steel outdoor mug can put iced cola

Xiaobian’s idol green pepper brother just shared a corrosion-resistant, can put Coke Sprite’s mug, Xiaobian quite like, share it.

“Well, I admit that I bought this cup and I want to install Coke. A lot of instructions on the cup tell you not to wear corrosive liquid. God horse is a corrosive liquid? Hydrochloric acid? Nitric acid?, carbonated with bubbles. Drinks are just like you can think about it, hot summer, hiking or hiking, the taste of iced cola, is it fluttering? Hydro Flask sale uses 18/8 high specification stainless steel, uncoated, spike cola “”

At present, this cheap Hydro Flask stainless steel outdoor mug, the specification is 720ml, the US Amazon offer: $23.50, the delivery weight is less than 1 pound, you can buy a few more flat freight with your colleagues, you can also participate in the full 50 straight reduction 10 The activity is about 148 yuan. The cup is thin and tall and looks great. The outer layer is a food-grade paint, and the matte feel is good.