Drinking hot water in the three major truths of life: cup selection guide

In the autumn and winter seasons, the thermos cup is a good thing to enhance happiness. Hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, a bite, and immediately energetic.

But if you choose the wrong cup, you may have not started the work, and the drink is half cold. The traditional large-sized vacuum cup always gives a heavy feeling. When you drink water, it is like holding an oxygen tank. Other styles are poor in material, not resistant to falling, or even toxic. I want to have a cup of hot coffee and choose what kind of cup is good? In fact, there is no need to drink water reminders, intelligent temperature measurement, these fancy functions, it is very good to do the most basic:

Keep warm for a long time
toxic free and safe
Large opening is easy to clean
The demand for these points is very simple, but few manufacturers have calmed down and honed their basic skills. If you are also looking for your own one, the following mugs with good reputation in the outdoor circle will not disappoint you.

Note: This article is mainly based on the demand for hot drinks such as coffee, so it will focus on the small capacity models 1, you can also find other models of their capacity.

Klean Kanteen mug

Several American guys wanted to make reusable cups, so the first Klean Kanteen was assembled by them.

Today’s Klean Kanteen product line is everywhere, and the wide-mouth mug series is very popular. The collection is simple in shape and long lasting. There are also a variety of cup lids with different shapes and functions. The uniform caliber cups can be used in common. A cup with multiple lids for outdoor, commute and office applications.

If you want to stay in the office to work overtime, or prepare for a postgraduate exam in the dormitory, the coffee cup cover is best for you. You can drink hot drinks without opening the lid and turning the knob. Although it can’t keep warm for a whole day, it just took the time of two big classes. The hot drink bottomed out and it passed slowly for a long time.

The disadvantage of the coffee cup lid is that it is easy to sprinkle water and the heat preservation is not good. For those who often walk and squeeze the subway, they need to suffer daily commuting and need a more sealed lid. I recommend a regular cup lid and a model with a hook. Users who already have a coffee cup can spend dozens of pieces to add a lid, so they don’t have to buy a new one.

My first Klean Kanteen Insulated has been in service for four years, and after a free fall, it has become ruined, but the insulation performance is not diminished. Recently I bought a new Klean Kanteen, but I still can’t bear to discard the old one. I took it and it worked well.

For those who use the cup as an accessory, Klean Kanteen and the various trendy brands are also a good choice for both appearance and practicality.

🥇Insulation time: 8h
Capacity: 340ml
Net weight: 266g
Price: ¥180-240
Cheap Hydro Flask

Those who are not familiar with Hydro Flask sale can simply think of it as an upgraded version of Klean Kanteen. It has similar performance to the Klean Kanteen kettle, with excellent insulation and minimalist aesthetics.

Hydro Flask’s classic Coffee series features a coffee cup that encourages people to bring their own cups and reduce the use of paper cups. It comes standard with a flip-top coffee cup lid, just like those cups of coffee, it can be opened with one hand. As for its compact body, it is for the pump that can be stuffed into most coffee machines – of course. I am referring to the smallest 12oz model.

Going to Starbucks 薅 wool: If you are willing to bring your own cup, you can get a two-yuan reduction. The average clerk will try to fill your cup as much as possible, don’t care about adding dozens of milliliters of coffee. However, don’t try to buy a cup of Tall but give the clerk a stupid thing with a liter of water…

Hydro Flask has a number of optional covers, but domestic purchases are cumbersome. The bottle has a variety of colors, high purity, and is very flattering.

Hydro Flask uses high quality stainless steel, plastic and rubber, but don’t trust the retailer’s flicker. Try not to use Hydro Flask for carbonated drinks. Even if the corrosion of the kettle is not large, the residual sugar sticks to the lid and cannot be cleaned, which will breed bacteria.

Holding time: 6h
Capacity: 340ml
Net weight: 223g
Price: ¥250-300
THERMOS JMK-350 Thermos

The performance of the Thermos mug has been almost deified, and its patents for the inventions are now the standard in the insulation industry. But it is undeniable that its insulation capacity is indeed excellent, but there is no overwhelming advantage in the early years.

The most popular of the Thermos are the buckles, but these cans have stood still for years. In contrast, I recommend a double-layer lid. It is very suitable for making tea, the upper layer is the lid, you can drink hot tea when you unscrew it; the lower layer is tea filter. Although the components are slightly more, it is better to adopt modular and easy to clean. Every year, I go back to the country to cultivate in the Spring Festival. I don’t drink much coffee when I work overtime. I usually cook a pot of frozen top oolong into the Thermos and enjoy it slowly. Counting the fingers and looking forward to the year, I can rest for a while, holding cats every day, reading books, drinking tea, writing.

I like the old JMK-350 most, its lines are more sophisticated and elegant, like the lighthouse built by aliens in surreal works. The latest model has been upgraded to a metal tea filter, which is more healthy, but unfortunately the seams are much larger, breaking the sense of unity. In other respects, they are not much different.

Holding time: 6h
Capacity: 350ml
Net weight: 300g
🥇 Price: ¥160-240
Snow peak titanium double peak camp

Snow peak is a Japanese manufacturer of outdoor products that is designed to produce a very high quality titanium alloy. Unlike the solid and rough American goods, each snow peak is very fine, and it is called art – but it does not detract from durability.
The double-layer insulation cup of the titanium alloy series has better insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of titanium is weaker than that of stainless steel, allowing hot drinks to remain warmer for longer, while not scalding when sipping. With the coffee cup cover, the holding time can be slightly extended. The snow peak’s titanium cup is not leakproof and is more suitable for indoor use.

Titanium alloys have peculiar properties, and as the use time increases, they leave a unique mark, and the dark gray surface is full of mottled. There is an old beauty, the whole family has bought the snow peak cup, which is used for a lot of fun; as many users say, the snow peak price is expensive, but it can be used for almost a lifetime, and the average is actually very cost-effective. This is also the case with many durable goods.

Holding time: 5h (with cover)
Capacity: 300ml
net weight: 132g (with cover)
Price: ¥300-340 (with cover)
Nursing Tips
Choosing the cup is just the beginning of a journey. I want to keep it reliable performance, please take care.

Do not pour in corrosive drinks
Clean moderately to prevent scratching the inner wall
Avoid bumps and falls
That’s right, no matter if your cup is covered, please keep it away from the laptop. Those who do not sleep at night should be like soldiers who believe that there must be bullets in the shackles, and firmly believe that the water in the cup will ruin your computer.

Computers, pens and papers are our productivity tools, and these obscure daily necessities are powerful logistics.

In the three years of high school, I lived in a two-story dormitory building. The name “listen to the rain” is really leaking and cold. When you pick up the lights and read them at night, there is a warm and warm cup that can warm your hands and provide hot drinks.

I still like to use a solid metal mug. Every time you go into the winter, whether you work late at night or if you are drowsy on the bus going home, you can drink hot drinks and you will feel refreshed.

PS: The holding time data refers to my actual use, which is about the time from 100 °C to 58 °C.