Drinking cups, how to go shopping, will have better insulation effect!

Drinking cups, how to go shopping, will have better insulation effect!

Lead: Usually, when we drink water, we basically use a vacuum flask to fill the water. However, there are more and more brands of vacuum flasks in the market. Each type of sales and evaluation in the market is different, and most of the consumption may be When you go to the market to buy, you will pay attention to its insulation effect. Therefore, I will introduce you to the techniques you should master when purchasing a vacuum flask in the market.

Tip 1: The strength of the mug is good or bad.

First of all, the strength of the vacuum flask is the key to judging the insulation effect and quality. After filling the mug with hot water, about five minutes, touch the appearance of the quilt or the bottom of the cup. If there is a little temperature, the performance of the mug is very bad. If the temperature of pouring water and not pouring water is the same, the performance of this vacuum cup is very good, it can be purchased. This requires judging the quality of the material inside the cup from the strength of the surface, so that it basically knows its thermal insulation performance is good.

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Tip 2: The sealing effect of the thermos cup.

In general, after filling the cup, and then by pressing the lid tightly, put it back for a few minutes or rub it hard to see if the moisture penetrates, it means the inside is not sealed enough. Then, the insulation effect will be significantly reduced. Therefore, when comparing these cups in the market, it can be judged in this way. I believe that it can be clearly seen in its function, or to compare the sealing performance from different angles. And effects.

Tip 3: Identification of stainless steel.

Aside from the insulation cup, we all know that stainless steel is available in many grades. Each material has a different grade, and there may be a gap in the quality of the material. You can choose to analyze the quality of the stainless steel material to determine whether the material is the same or not. If it is consistent, it means that the cup is still very good, at least in terms of quality, it is also compared when drinking water.

Conclusion: Therefore, the design of the thermos cup is more and more diversified, whether it is in the material, or on the inner wall or appearance, it may look more beautiful, in fact, it is difficult to judge its performance. Therefore, only after comparing different cups will you know the quality of the cups. When comparing in the market, it is obvious that the quality is good or bad.