As a cup control, you may not have seen these cups.

Although scarves, gloves, and warm treasures are standard in winter, these seem to only play a role in resisting the cold, and the cold inside the body, how to get rid of it? – Of course, a cup of hot water!

However, in the very low temperature winter, the boiling water in the glass is always easy to cool, sometimes even directly into ice water there is wood! It’s not easy to drink a cup of hot water.

Don’t worry! In fact, between you and the hot boiled water, there is only one high quality vacuum flask.

The big cup makers who have approved this business opportunity have also launched a lot of fashion, enough bigger, and practical vacuum cups this year!

· Influx of people – Starbucks * S’well 17oz (500ML) black, champagne stainless steel thermos

When it comes to the flask of fashion, I have to mention the hipsters that Starbucks and S’well have teamed up this year. The cup body is made of double-layer stainless steel vacuum process, which is kept warm and cold, and is protected from spills and leaks. When you go to work, it gives you pure peace, and you can leave a warm supply for you when you are in sports. You can take a trip and take a selfie with yourself… Anytime, anywhere. Available in matte black and glossy champagne.

·Unique – US S’well

Of course, S’well himself has also launched a number of red and half-moon items. These tide cups are listed in various fashion magazines, and they are the royalties of countless stars. A cup is not just a single coloring, it is not an unchanging material, but a pursuit of quality of life. Pure hand-painted pieces, each one is a unique love, like you and me. From the vicissitudes of the logs, the tenderness of the green to the gracefulness of the gray, the exquisite packaging, the letter of the bronze, the glittering lacquer, and the confluence, who can reject it?

·Travel standard – Cheap Hydro Flask

Don’t say that the quality of the stylish cup is not enough! Hydro Flask’s bottle coating and printing materials in North America’s popular mugs are non-toxic food grades and can be used with confidence. Double-layer vacuum stainless steel inner wall, cold for 24 hours, heat retention for 12 hours. It is made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel Hydro Flask sale, easy to clean, no odor, no bacteria. The appearance of the beautiful metal is not affected by sweat erosion. Lifetime warranty. And its biggest highlight is not only the super cool appearance, but also the anti-corrosion, it is a thermos cup that can put Coke Sprite!

·New flower “deer” release – COSTA

This year, COSTA Joint Thermos, specially created a series of Christmas Cups with the theme of “Deer”! Applying beautiful colors to add color to the winter, packing a midsummer pop is a warm plus, and looking for spring in the thousands of flowers. You can’t lose the sweetness in the singularity, and you can’t lose the grace in the cold. It should be noted that this series of cups will only be sold in limited quantities in Beijing, Tianjin and other northern regions, and the heart-felt friends will quickly start.

· Winter is fresh and fresh – MOSH

The latest release of the mosh milk bottle shape mug is simply exciting! Under the premise that both the body and the cover are made of stainless steel, the color of the cup is modulated into a cute ice cream color, which ensures that you can smash you in one second. 12 hours above 54 °C insulation, 13 ° C below the quality of cold preservation, no doubt, I believe that you are in need of such a small fresh insulation cup ~

·Simple atmosphere – Japanese Tiger

Japan TIGER design is simple and generous, heat preservation and cold protection, 304 medical grade stainless steel material, antibacterial liner precision technology double vacuum, lightweight material convenient to carry, zero gravity cup body, more ergonomic grip feel, long-lasting insulation, many colors Choose one of the most favorite colors to get in the bag.

· Heavy return – THERMOS *STARBUCKS Christmas Series

Of course, the most popular thermos* Starbucks ultra-light stainless steel mugs are also gorgeous!

400ml thermos Christmas Eve, detachable mouth, make it easier for you to clean the hot drink. A little bit of stars form a dazzling city, with a royal blue body, a whole beautiful Christmas night, splendid your entire winter

·Strong and handsome – ZOJIRUSHI pictorial

The Japanese insulation brand, which is comparable to the thermos, has a more neat appearance, and gray is often used by cool girls. Unique safety lock design prevents accidental opening of the cup cover, can separate the center, the cup cover can be disassembled and cleaned, the overall details are handled, the craftsmanship, the pursuit of texture for life, you must bring it home~

·High cold +bigger – KEVNHAUN

The vacuum flask from the high-cool furniture brand KEVNHAUN is not only a cup, but also a fashionable lifestyle. Simple but not simple, don’t want to hold a street cup, but also want to drink the taste, this mug is your best choice~

Looking at these stylish and practical mugs, do you have a strong desire and impulse to go for a cup of warm water? (●”●) Then let this one be filled with warm and intimate objects, and become the first warmth of this winter~

Then the problem is coming

What kind of vacuum cup do you like the most?