A new generation of red brand, cheap hydro flask come ~

Amazon’s TOP100 hot list – a presence that countless sellers admire, here is the familiar Anker. Everyone has always used Anker products as a standard routine for selecting, publishing, and promoting, but in fact, in addition to Anker, Meiya has many similar online brands, which is worth learning.

1, Wyze cam home camera

Wyze has been established for a few years, but its ideas of relying on small profits but quick turnover have sprung up. Wyze is basically only responsible for software development. The camera hardware is handled by the foundry. It almost skips all the retail links in the middle. Therefore, the price of the product is maintained at the price range of 25 dollars for a long time, and it has established a firm foothold in the US network camera market. . With the popularity of smart devices, the use of home cameras is also increasing, and wyze has become a frequent visitor to the top ten best-selling electronics products.

2, Instant intelligent cooking pot

Instant Pot is a Canadian-based company that develops products in Canada and the United States. Instant Pot has been on the top of Amazon’s kitchen supplies in the 2017 Black Friday shopping festival. Instant Pot is characterized by intelligent operation, user-friendliness, and multiple functions, which are consistent with the needs of Americans in cooking. At present, this product also has more than 31,000 reviews, which is a very popular cooking pot product of Amazon.

3, Hydro Flask water bottle

The brand of cheap Hydro Flask is not well known to the people of the country, but in foreign countries, especially the North American market, it is a net red brand, and its reputation is not weaker than the thermos, which is also a brand name. The stainless steel water bottle made by Hydro Flask is easy to clean and has a good insulation effect. It ranks first in the best-selling list of sports and outdoor products, kitchens and restaurants.

4, Mpow Bluetooth headset

Mpow has similarities with anker, both from China, and belongs to a brand of Patuxon. The Mpow brand’s main product is the Bluetooth wireless headset, and relying on the promotion of “Tube” network Red Brownlee, quickly became famous in the European and American markets. At present, this headset has entered the top 5 of the real-time bestseller list in Amazon’s mobile phone accessories, electronic products and other categories.

5, Batiste hair dry cleaning spray

Batiste is not a native American brand, but a British one from the other side of the ocean. The brand is also recommended by NetHub in recent years, so that more people are familiar with it. The price of the spray is less than $14, which is very cost-effective. It ranks among the best in the best-selling list of beauty and protective products, and is also the top-ranking dry cleaning spray.