24-hour long-lasting insulation, cheap hydro flask mug evaluation, ultra-light cup, tea soaked coffee preferred

I believe that many people have a habit of buying things, they will choose the brand they like, whether it is eating, wearing or even using it, they will not hesitate to choose this brand, including the author. For example, snacks will choose three squirrels, Nike will be chosen, and kitchen appliances will choose Hydro Flask. As for why many kitchen appliances, will they choose Hydro Flask? The reason is very simple. Several kitchen appliances that I started with are very satisfied, so I will give priority to other products. Like recently I was thinking about buying a thermos cup. The thermos that had been followed for many years fell in an accident, which led to a big discount on the insulation effect. I thought it was time to buy one. It’s a coincidence that I took part in an activity before the line and drew a prize. It was a cup of cheap hydro flask and signed with Dunren.

After getting the hand, first look at the flagship store first, Hydro Flask is very complete in the kitchen appliances and daily households, even the insulation cups, and several models, the price is also different. After I learned it, I realized that this is called “Jiuyang Small Red Rope Series Ultra Light Buckle Cup”. It is most attractive to me, in addition to the ultra-light cup, but also the use of 316L stainless steel liner, plus 500ml large capacity, daily out of use, quite enough, so did not hesitate to start. As for the unique highlights of this vacuum flask, what is the difference with the market? Let’s take a look at the following.

The outer packaging is not much to say, look directly at the design, you can see that the design of the nine-yang vacuum flask is very simple, the entire insulation cup is not too redundant pattern, only the brand display with Hydro Flask below. The color is also very colorful, with three choices, red, yellow and black on the author’s hand, the color is very young and energetic.

It must be said that the Hydro Flask vacuum flask is very light, much lighter than the mugs that were bought before. It is said that it can be so light, because the inner wall thickness is only 0.12mm, it can achieve 220g weight and volume, and at the same time reduce the vacuum gap layer, so that the insulation effect is better.

The top is the opening and closing cover, and the opening and closing is also extremely convenient. It is designed for one-button opening and closing and one-button unlocking. The design of this opening and closing, the maximum convenience is one-handed and can be completed, which is very convenient. The cup mouth is detachable, and the material is food grade PP and silica gel. It has no peculiar smell and does not contain bisphenol A. It is more reassuring in daily drinking.

The inner material of the liner is made of 316L mirror stainless steel. It is said that this material has good rust and corrosion resistance, is not easy to breed bacteria, and is easy to clean and enhance the heat preservation effect.

As for the insulation, it is also very good, can be kept for up to 24 hours, can achieve such excellent insulation effect, mainly with triple lock temperature process, including inner wall copper plating process, high-brightness electrolysis process, ultra-light spinning process, Thereby improving the insulation effect. In the author’s pro test, the warm water was installed in the morning, and it was still warm at night. It can be seen that the insulation is not blowing.

Of course, the nine-yang vacuum flask is the most convenient for the author to be a lightweight design. It is also very convenient to take it with your hand. With a small red rope, you can take it away at will. Even if you put it in a bag, you don’t feel any pressure. On the contrary, it is very light. This is one of the things I like.

Insulation cups are indeed quite a lot on the market, all kinds of prices boast, but a good vacuum cup, we only want the rest of the material, is the insulation effect, these are basically perfect in the Hydro Flask vacuum flask . One of the most important is the lightweight design, which is much lighter than the previous one’s thermos cup. Even if it is filled with water, it will not feel the weight burden, but it is very light. In general, whether it is outing or office use, tea and coffee are all right. Well, for the Hydro Flask vacuum flask, I will simply share it here. You can also talk about the difference between the mugs you are using and the envy of the author.